First off welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I am VERY new to this and am just getting this started. I am working to get this off the ground and running, so please be patient with me :) I very much appreciate your understanding and patience as I work to figure everything out to bring you great information.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Very Sorry!

I know I haven't posted in a few days and I am so very sorry about that. Things have been rather crazy in my house lately! It is very hard to run this blog on my own while taking care of a house and 4 young ones. You may notice I don't post as often anymore, I need to scale back. I was under way to much stress and getting worn down very easy and was sick for about a week. I feel horrible that I left you all in the dark and I wanted to apoligize very much. My husband as some of you may know has a bad back and he will be going in for surgery on the 26th and will be down for about a month and a half. I may have to take a break from the blog for a bit. I hate to do it but my family has to come first. I hope you will all still check in on here and not give up on me. I will try my hardest to keep up with everything and get you all the info I can. I may launch the fan page on FB early that way it will be much easier to get things out to you. I will let you know and keep you updated. The lists of contests and IWG will not be updated for a bit. It takes a few hours to do that and I do not have the time right now so please forgive me. I hope you will all stick around and thank you for reading this post. Have a great day everyone  :)

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