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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Physicians formula Happy Mood Booster Powder Review!

As promised here is my next review. This time it is about PF Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Powder! I hope you enjoy my review and it helps you out in your decision of purchasing this product or not. So here we go ladies :)

Product # 2
*Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Powder in Translucent

Awesome Additions
*Easy open compact
*Easy brush storage
*Great mirror
*Colors to work with
*Amazing smell

Store Bought From and cost
*My local Wal-mart in IL
*Cost $ 6.00 before tax

I have been wanting to test this product out for awhile now, so you can imagine my joy when I found it in my local Wal-mart! The first thing I can tell you is it boosts your mood just by looking at it! This round compact that is shiny pink on the bottom has the clear cover and all you see is all the different shades of color in the powder and a ton of different sized hearts. You can't help but smile when you first see it! The next thing I noticed was the amazing shimmer the powder had. I love to use shimmer powder as a finishing touch to add that glow and sparkle and ladies I can tell you this product delivers and exceeds in that department! Some powders fall a little short in giving that sparkle and shimmer but not this one! And mind you this is just looking at it in the package! Endless times I could be seen in a store holding 5 different powders turning them to one angle and another trying to see if it really did shimmer and how much, all I had to do was glance at PF's glow and mood booster to know it had plenty of shimmer to it! I get it home and of course can not wait to try it out so I open it up and to my delight with just a push on the front latch it pops right open for me! I love that. Nothing is more aggravating then trying to pry open your powder. The compact is layered so all you have to do to get to the mirror and brush is simply lift up the top layer that has the powder on it and you will find your mirror and brush. The mirror is actually one I would use, it's not like one of those that you look blurry or your looking into a fun house mirror. It also is one that isn't super magnified that makes you suddenly self conscious about every pore on your face! The brush is pink and red with very soft bristles. Since it is a brush you can mix all the colors of the hearts together to use and even single out the pink for your cheeks if you like! I only wish that there was also a powder puff applicator in there as well. The brush is great for singling out colors but it doesn't seem like you get a whole lot on the brush for all over use like you can with a powder puff. Now most makeup powders all have that same smell to them not bad but nothing special either. Well not this one ladies! It smells amazing! I can tell you smelling that all day would defiantly put me in a good mood! The powder is very light weight, I never felt that weigh you down feel on my face and I seemed to shimmer from every angle! It also states on the box it is hypoallergenic, Paraben free and dermatologist approved. They have many different shades I chose translucent because I am so pale it is hard to find a good color for me and to use on top of my makeup, I now may go back to try a light color to see how that works since I was so pleased with this purchase! I would defiantly recommend this as a finishing touch or for someone who just wants the shimmer. The only wish I would have is a powder puff to use as well. However considering how gorgeous the subtle colors are, the amazing shimmer, the deign of the compact and the beautiful smell of the powder I would much rather buy a powder puff to use then buy a different powder! So another great product from Physicians formula that is well worth the $6.00 price!!

The gorgeous Mood Booster!

The mirror and brush under the powder!

This pic still doesn't do this product justice!

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Well it has been slow today, so I thought I would share some more pics with you in hopes to brighten your day :)

Hope you got a laugh or at least a smile and enjoyed them  :) Have a wonderful evening everyone


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Ok so I know I don't normally just post pics but I have a few I love that I wanted to share with you all! I hope they help brighten your morning and you get a laugh or at least a smile from them :) Enjoy  :)

There you go a few of my favs!! If you like them let me know, I have a few more I would love to share later on!! Enjoy hope you cracked a smile :)  Have a wonderful day everyone  :)

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