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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free Samples still available!

Here are some links to FREE samples that are still out there, if you haven't already requested one grab yours today!! Enjoy all  :)

Click here for Lipton Tea Sample!

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Click here for either a coupon for free box of tissues or $1.00 off!

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Click here for coupon for free bottle of water!

Click here for Purex sample from Walmart!

Click here for free sticker from Gumont!

Click here for Tempur-pedic sample and information kit!

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Click here for Gas-X sample!

Enter to win FREE sample!!

Click link below and enter your info for a chance at a sample! Good luck all  :)

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Dooney and Bourke giveaway!!

Click link below to make sure yo are entered to win!! Good luck all  :)

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FREE sample from St. Ives!! Click below Not sure if this will come people are saying it will but in terms it says open to UK residents but it doesn't hurt to try!  :)

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Thank you


FREE sample of PB Cheerios if you are a registered Betty Crocker member, hurry first 10,000 only!!

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Free Sample


FREE sample of Olives! Click link below to request your sample!!

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Heads up all the last 10,000 FREE samples from Mucinex will be live at 11am central time. If you haven't requested on yet be sure to do so today!

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Running Slow today.

Good morning all, just a heads up I am running kind of slow this morning. I am still not feeling well, my daughter is still sick as well and I have only had about 8 hours of sleep total all week and was just now nodding off while typing this lol  :) I will try to keep up as best as I can today but if there isn't as many posts as usual you will know why. Thanks all for hanging in there and I apologize if I miss anything for you. Other then that have a wonderful Thursday everyone and remember tomorrow is FREEBIE FRIDAY!!!!

DON'T FORGET THESE!!! @9am 10am 11am 2-4pm all central time Daily giveaways!

Good morning all :) Below you will find the links for some scheduled daily giveaways, if you haven't been able to get these yet keep trying! As more pop up I will try to get them out to you as fast as possible! Good luck all  :)


Click here for Lemi Shine sometime between 8am-9am central time First 25 only!!

Click here @ 9am central time for Fish Oil giveaway!

Click here for FREE Valspar sample kit @ 9am central time

Valspar Paint

Click here @10am central time for Invisable glass cleaner sample!

Invisible Glass makes glass invisible!

Click here for People swag giveaway @11am central time first 100 only ends 3-15-12!!

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Click here for coupon giveaway for FREE box of Mac n Cheese @ 11am central time! You can get 3 per household!

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

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