First off welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I am VERY new to this and am just getting this started. I am working to get this off the ground and running, so please be patient with me :) I very much appreciate your understanding and patience as I work to figure everything out to bring you great information.

Friday, January 13, 2012

New contest

Head on over and check out this new contest on FB green mountain naturals are going to give away something great to 5 lucky winners good luck :)


FREE sticker

FREE sticker that says the caffine made me do it :) over on Hydrive energy go grab it before they are gone


FREE personalized card

FREE personalized card that you make and you can add pics to it just in time for Valentine's Day. All out for today but they have 10,000 more to give out tomorrow at cardstore.com choose your card personalize it then check out and instead of putting in your credit card go down to code and put in this code: FREECARD121 your balance will then be 0 and you finish checking out! Yes shipping is free also! They are nice cards I have gotten 3 from all the times they have done this so get on over there tomorrow morning starting at 8:00 am CENTRAL time to get this offer :)


As you know

Well as you know I am a mom of 4 lol so on weekends you may not see as many posts from me because Sat & sundays can be pretty busy and my kiddos and family have to come first :) so I will try to get a few in for you guys but not as much as usual. I will tell you this though tomorrow is eucerin's last day to give out 100 btls so if you haven't gotten one yet make sure you are all over it. They will post their giveaway time sometime tomorrow morning so be on the look out and remember it is a FULL sized bottle you get and that the hour window they give you means it will start anytime with in that hour so keep refreshing (F5) the fan offer tab and good luck :)  other then that take a look over all my previous posts and go enter all those contest and play the IWG (instant win games) cause you never know ;) some you may only be able to enter once all together, some you can only enter once a week but others you enter once a day. Take note as your doing them and jot it down it will help you out :) Lastly enjoy your extended weekend and get some good things. You will hear from me again soon good luck all :)


FREE sample of shout color catcher go get it :)

Check out this page

Hey everyone was wondering if you could all go check out this page for me and like it. She needs some more likes not to mention who dosent love mark make up right? So here is the FB page dont forget to like it thanks :)


and here is her site where you can order all kinds of goodies :)


thank you all


Dont forget Eucerin will be doing their giveaway sometime between 3-4pm central time so keep your eyes peeled!! Good luck :)



FREE sample over at J soap hurry on over :)


thermal aid

here is what thermal aid had to say:

Thermal-Aid is Doing Another Giveaway Right Now!

Hey everyone, we hope all is well. 2012 is here and already flying by. 2011 was a great year for us and we have big goals for 2012. We plan on doing lots of interactive giveaways this year so make sure you check back often and if you have not already, sign up for the mailing list in the application titled, "100 bear giveaway" to the left of this post. We are going to start announcing giveaways ahead of time to our closest followers. We want to kick off the new year with a giveaway so here we go. We are giving away (10) Small Sectional Packs. To enter;

1. Share this post.
2. Tell us what your New Year Resolutions are as a comment to this post.

We will pick the (10) winners. Good Luck. :)

so get on over there and enter :) good luck


Hurry on over fill out form for FREE sample at zarbees cough syrup



Strivectin posted click link below then answer question to be entered to win :)


Thermal Aid

Going to do something get on over and keep look out



Keep a close eye on secert could be their give away today :) check their wall every so often cause when it goes live there wont be time to post it. by the time I post it they will be gone so watch them :) and remember when it is time it will be on the freebie friday tab. Good luck


Downy next week

Check out what downy posted :)

‎Downy..We heard you, and we’re going to ring in 2012 by giving away 2,012 samples each day for a week starting Tuesday, 1/17. Stay tuned for all the details, including the giveaway time on Tuesday

so i guess starting tues, we need to keep an eye on downy

Stride RIte

Head on over to stride rite and enter to win shoes :)


Violent Lips

Violent lips just posted like their page and their freebie friday post and that will enter you for a chance to win :)


Physicains formula

Physicians formula is havinh a giveaway you may have to disable your secure browssing if the page dosent load for you just click on account on your FB page then security then go down to secure browsing uncheck it and save changes then click over to this link to enter to win :)


papa johns

papa johns is giving away a free pizza every 46 seconds click the link below to enter :)



Hurry on over to J soap for a free sample


Factory direct

Factory directs friday is going here is their post:

Only because I love surprises so much myself, today's giveaway is another one of those lovely surprise goodie packages that everyone seems to love so much. So if you are willing to take a leap of faith me ;) then 5 awesome fans will win a box stuffed full of all kinds of crafty goodies if they can... "describe crafting in only one word..." Dont forget to fill out your information under out Freebie Friday tab

so comment on their post or on their wall 1 word that describes crafting then go to the friday tab and fill out your information! Thats all you have to do for this one :) here is the link for the friday tab:


Good morning all

Well good morning. Remember today is freebie friday I posted the list last night. So far from that list Pantene will not be doing one today and Olay posted yesterday that theirs is not this friday either. Some of these like secret, pantene, and olay only do it once a month and you never know which friday it will be :) they keep you guessing so make sure to still keep an eye on secret today and the rest on the list. And eucerin posted this morning that they will be doing their giveaway sometime from 3-4:00 pm so dont forget about them. Good luck today and I hope you get lots of goodies :)