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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mail call!!

Now back on track!! Mail call for Wednesday  :)  Did anyone get some awesome freebies that you would like to tell about?? Feel free to share what you found in your mail box today! Here is my haul of the day

Print Place samples which came with a handy note pad!, the 2 dog treat samples from Wal-mart, prevent underage drinking activity booklets, U tampon sample, another Zarbee's sample, sample from Snore Rx which I hope helps hubby with his snoring lol, skin care sample and bottle of gummy vitamins I won from Vitafusion freebie Friday!

So what did you get today??

Another deal I did from Walgreen's!

So last night hubby and I went to Walgreen's again to see if they had any Hawaiian Punch yet and they didn't (but might tonight!!) So of course we looked around and here is what we picked up this time lol  :)

We picked up 8 more 2-liters, 4 bottles of hand soap, 18 chap sticks, box of Dayquil, Box of Prevacid, 6 pks of m and m's and 2 snickers. Total before savings was $62.92 after using 8 free candy coupons, 1 free box of Prevacid coupon plus in store sales and coupons as well as MFG coupons we broke that total down to only $23.37 a total savings of $39.55!!

Mail Call from Tuesday!

On to the next day lol  :) Mail call Tuesday :) What goodies arrived in your mail box??!! Here was my haul from that day  :)

Bridal guide magazine, 2 Palmer's samples with $1.00 off coupons, 5 neat little activity books for the kiddos, $1.50 off Stouffers coupon, Crystal Light energy coupon and sample, a skin sample, Box of coffee I won and best thing ever Physicians Formula prize I got from being their top fan!!

Mail Call from Monday!

Trying to catch up!! Really get dragged down when you are sick :) So here is Mondays mail call lol Anything good you got that you want to tell about?? Here was my haul for the day  :)

Formula, free bag of cat food to try out from being a Bzz agent, razor I won for hubby, dental samples, likewise moisture sample, tums sample, coupon for $1.50 off lotion and another coupon I won from Entenmanns!!

Enter to win from Sony!!

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Crayola Spring giveaway!

Click link below to get your daily entry in! They will award 25 winners a day through Friday, so make sure to enter daily :)  Good luck everyone  :)

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Enter to win from Frito Lay!

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Click link below for a FREE sample from Nuxe! Limited to first 5,000 so hurry! Site running slow so keep refreshing  :)

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Nylabone giveaway!

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Click link below to enter to win a gorgeous ring from Helzberg Diamonds!! Luck to us all ladies!! Ends 5-13-12 and you may enter once, I will add this to the list on my next update round!!

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Grand Prize!

Eight O Clock Coffee giveaway!

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Kernel Seasons

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Nuby USA Giveaway!!

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