First off welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I am VERY new to this and am just getting this started. I am working to get this off the ground and running, so please be patient with me :) I very much appreciate your understanding and patience as I work to figure everything out to bring you great information.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


 FREE *ADULT* sample

Click link below to claim your free sample of wet synergy!  Enjoy ;)



Well Garnier finally posted their big news! Click link below and fill out form so you will be entered to win a FULL sized tube of  BB cream!!! So go on over and enter. Good luck to all of us :)


Fan Friday

Well as some of you know freebie Friday is tomorrow!!! Some do giveaways, some do contests and some do it to where you comment on a certain post or like/share/comment. Some start freebie Friday on Thursdays so they can announce a winner on Friday!!!  So below you are going to find the ones who start before Friday. I will put instructions with each link so you know what to do. Good luck all :)

*Note not all winners will be announced on Friday so what I do is write down each one I do so I can go back and see who won! It helps A LOT!!  Also some start their freebie Fridays on Mondays and you can enter daily for them. So you might want to write instructions/rules down with each also. :)

Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins ( they have a post that you will have to comment on. It says it's time for fan Friday then it gives you the question which you have to answer as a comment to the post. That is your entry)

Lil Critters Gummy Vitamins (same as Vitafusion look for post that says fan Friday then answer the question as a comment on the post!)

Nature-Cide ( same as vitamin ones look for their post , like their page, post, and share the post then answer the question they ask and pput it as a comment on the post)

Fisher Nuts (like their page then just fill out the form for free nuts!)

Hanks Clothing ( like their page then fill out form to enter!)

Food Should Taste Good ( like their page then fill out info to enter!)

Rayovac ( like their page then fill out form to enter)

Remember these link are the freebie/fan Friday ones THAT YOU NEED TO ENTER TODAY!! Don't want you to miss out. Good luck and I will post later with the list for tomorrow!!! :)


FREE sample of Escada perfume!! Click link below to get yours and enjoy :)



FREE sample click link below!! I found this from a site I look at from time to time. I haven't seen a conformation e-mail yet so I am hoping this is a real sample. But it is worth a shot. Fingers crossed and if I end up getting a conformation email I will comment on this post to let you all know. :)


New contest

Click link below to enter in a new contest I found! Good luck all :)


Sign up

Hey everyone :)  you might want to sign up with Duncan Hines today. They recently said the following--

We have a special surprise invitation we're emailing out to all Duncan Hines Baker's Club members in less than a week. It's a secret, so we can't say anymore. Join up now so you can get in on it!

I will post the link below so you can sign up today :)  Enjoy


Duncan Hines

Dr.Oz giveaway!

Dr. Oz will be doing a giveaway today for a Mastrad's Top Chips Maker!! The first 1,000 to register will get one!! It will be TODAY at 2pm CST (3pm EST) So be ready and have the page open by 1:45pm CST If you want to sign up for an account before hand please do so. I don not know if you have to have an account with his site already in order to win and I would hate for you to be 1 of the first 1,000 then have to try and quickly sign up for his site and end up not getting your prize. So good luck everyone :)



FREE chili from White Castle!! All you need to do is click link below I will post, print out your coupon for free chili then take it to White Castles on January 25th to get your free chili!!! :)




Ok Woolite has posted. It is a contest you can enter where you can pick your own gift if you win!! All you have to do is click the link below that I will post and fill out the form. It will ask you for a link to the item you want but did not get for Christmas. It is for apparel so find what you like then copy the link of the site and post it into the form!! Good Luck all :)




FREE cookies giveaway!! Mrs. Fields is going to give out some free coolies!! All you have to do is like their post and share it (the one that says who is ready to win some free cookies) Good luck :)


Mrs. Fields


Hurry on over to Kernel Season's they will be giving away 17 monster popcorn kits!!! So head on over and look for their post that says tag yourself in a flavor of seasoning you like the most. All the instructions are in the post. You can only tag yourself 1 time in 1 picture. Good luck all. And while you are there if you have not entered to win the popcorn cart click on the sweepstakes link under their pic to enter. :)


Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning


FREE Golf pain away kit! Just click the link below to get your freebie and enjoy :)



FREE sample of Lemi Shine. This one is VERY hard to get. They never announce a time, it seems to usually be early morning 8-10am CST and you just have to keep their page open and refresh it now and again click free sample and see if you get the form yet, if you don't try again in a few. They only give out 25 samples a day, so you have to be quick for this one. Also auto-fill is DISABLED so you will have to type in all info. Good luck on this one everyone and keep this one in mind for TOMORROW morning. Write it down and keep it close to your computer and bookmark the page I am going to give you the link for. Enjoy :)


Good morning all

Well good morning! Here are some reminders what to be looking out for today :)

Garnier USA (still has not started new promotion earlier post said this week so keep eye out)

Woolite (posted yesterday about there is always room for one more gift! Keep eye on this one also)

Downy ( Giving away samples again today, no time posted yesterday it went live with no warning so keep a good eye on this one)

Hearos Ear plugs ( Live at 10:00 am CST if you have not gotten one yet hurry on over at 10am they go FAST)

Nursery Water ( Gives away bag tags with Elmo on them. If you haven't gotten this one yet either hurry on over to their site at 11:00 am CST to get yours they go FAST also)

I will keep an eye out and let you know about anything else I can come across! Have a great morning, good luck today and enjoy :)


FREE baby formula samples from Wal-Mart!! Click link below and enjoy :)


New contest

New contest for all of you from Victoria Secrets!! Click the link below and good luck :)




FREE Humidipak/Boveda sample. Go on over and get yours!!


logo of moke fresh humiditipak


FREE sample of Obestrim. Hurry on over to get yours!! Enjoy :)