First off welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I am VERY new to this and am just getting this started. I am working to get this off the ground and running, so please be patient with me :) I very much appreciate your understanding and patience as I work to figure everything out to bring you great information.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Just an up date on Smarterer I posted earlier. As I had said I am a BzzAgent and was checking out the site. They have many different categories you can take quizzes in also!!! I just did a Classic rock one (great fun) and a Disney movie one also. Just wanted to let you know a couple tests that are on there in case you would like to beat my score!! On the Disney one I have a 692 and I am 17th on the leader board (my pic is the energizer bunny) So come on over and try it out!! Beat me and you will have bragging right on me! Just something to help pass the time in between those freebies :)



Coupon Site

Anyone who has a working printer and likes to save money will love this site (if you don't have it already) So click the link below and check it out! Enjoy :) And a $10 Enfamil coupon is on there!!




FREE when you register at TNT you can get a magnet, stickers, poster, tattoos plus more!! Hurry on over to grab your goodies! Enjoy :)


TNT Fireworks: If it's not TNT, It's not Fireworks

Loving this new site!

So I am a BzzAgent and was invited to check out this site called Smarterer (yes erer! love that by the way!!) and it is really fun! First it is so easy to sign up and register you can connect with your facebook which helps you get to the fun stuff a lot quicker (love that also!) On smarterer you can get bragging rights! They have these great entertaining (and highly addictive) quizzes that will let you know where on the leader board you rank. You get points for how fast you answer, if you get the question right and you can even improve your score by submitting questions for the quiz!! You loose points by of course getting the question wrong. But you can get badges for accomplishments like I got 5 questions in a row right and I was able to post it on FB, twitter or linkedin so you can have bragging rights!! I can see my hubby and I battling each other on who gets better scores lol. You should really check this out especially if you like to challenge your friends, family co-workers etc. It really is fun and you get hooked trying over and over to improve your score! I will post the link for you guys so please check it out I think you will have a lot of fun with it!! Enjoy :)  and pass it along to everyone you know so you can get to challenging each other for bragging rights!


Quest Bar giveaway!!

FREE Quest Bar giveaway will go LIVE SOON!!! At 3pm in about 10 mins!! So go on over and get ready to go go go!!! Look for the link they post at 3pm CST click that!!

The free bars going to be Chocolate Brownie and All Natural Cinnamon Roll!!


New contest

New one to enter on Clearasil US!! Just click the link below and good luck :) And enter daily!!


Comment to win!

Another giveaway/contest. Click the link below, like their page then on their wall look for the post they made that says the following-

Contest time fans!
If you could create the next flavor of Baked Lentil Chips, what would it be?
Answer this question to enter for a chance to win a mixed case of Baked Lentil Chips, 1 T-shirt and 2 chip clips! The winner will be chosen randomly. You have until Friday 2pm EST to enter. Good luck!!


Mediterranean Snacks

New contest

Here is a new contest for you all!! Go on over to Lipoton's enter to win and get a coupon!! Good luck all :)



New Instant win game

New instant win game for you all :)  Just click the link below and register then your all set. Good luck and enjoy :)


10$ in coupons mailed :)

Click link below to get your coupons $10 in bounce coupons!!! In the mail!! Enjoy :)


BHG Better homes and Garden

So here is a link that will be for next month. Every month they giveaway 5,000 (first come first serve) wax cubes. The ones you put in a warmer, they melt down and smell amazing!! Like other giveaways this IS NOT an enter and win. It is they will announce when it is time, you click the link and fill out information, submit and hope you see a screen like this-

this is from when I got one before I started the blog. But I will give you the link now because you can enter to win a $100 Wal-mart card under the scent of the month tab right now. That contest will stay on that tab until it is time for their giveaway, should be sometime in February. So here is the link, check it out and enjoy :)


New enter to win

Have another new one for you guys over on Real Beauty FB page like their page and enter to win!! Good luck all :)


Click here to begin



Enter to win

Have a new one for you that has 2 different enter to win contest going on right now! 1st one enter to be a weekly winner! They announce a winner on Friday (every Friday) but you need to enter now click link below


and the 2nd offer is enter to win a party pack of their product! Tons of stuff :) click link below and good luck all :)


Enter to win

Have another great giveaway/contest for you all!! Tone is giving away swag bags/goodies. Just click the link below, like their page then sign up for your chance to win! Good luck everyone :)



Poll Question

So I don't know if you noticed or not but I added a poll question at the top left side. If you wouldn't mind take a few seconds to answer. I would greatly appreciate the feed back. And you can always leave me a comment on how I am doing, suggestions you have or a freebie, contest or IWG you have come across :) Good reviews or bad reviews I will take them all :) Thank you everyone and please enjoy.

Contest? Giveaway?

Woolite posted on their FB page a few minutes ago this message:

The holidays are long gone, but there’s always room for one more gift. Check back tomorrow for more info

So keep your eyes on Woolite tomorrow!!



Enter to win

Enter and you could win $2,000!! Click link below and good luck :)



FREE sample from Stayfree click link below :)



Don't forget

Don't forget to enter to win this one :) *sigh* so pretty :) Good luck to us all!  :)


Like us on Facebook For a Chance to Win


FREE Elmo bag tag at 11am CST if you have not gotten one yet click on over to the link below at 11am CST they go VERY fast so make sure you have the page open by 10:55am CST and re-fresh it at 11am Good luck :)



Get a FREE Atkins kit by signing up today! Just click the link below and enjoy :)


So what do I get when I join?

New giveaway

Ok there is a new giveaway going on at CVS Beauty Club FB page. You must have a CVS card # to enter. If you do not have one you can sign up for one. I know a lot to do but the are giving away some great things! So if you do not have a CVS rewards card click this link first to sign up

To sign up for CVS card: https://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/user/extracare/extracare.jsp

Now you will click on Get A New One to register and get your card. They will mail you a card, but for now you can print one out. If you do not have a printer after you are signed in at the CVS web site click your account and your card information to find your card #

Once you have your card # you need to RSVP by clicking the link below:


Just click going to complete your RSVP

Now you are ready to enter!! Click the link below and have that card # handy you will have to put it in the form! Note* this card IS NOT a credit card it is like any other reward card as you shop you earn rewards so don't be afraid of using that card# on the form :)

Good luck all :)


FREE sample of Prilosec OTC hurry on over and get your freebie :)



FREE sample of Schiff Mega Red still available!! If you have not gotten yours yet hurry on over! Enjoy  :)


Schiff MegaRed


FREE sample hurry hurry hurry!! Click link below to get a FREE sample beauty mask!! Enjoy :)




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Win it Wednesday

Good morning everyone :)  Have a few things to tell you about. Here is a new one for you on Learning express toys! Enter by clicking the link below for win it Wednesday. Also I hope you have been entering Remington all week they should announce a winner today for their win it Wednesday. Downy will do another giveaway some time today. If I find out the time I will let you know. Garnier USA is still a page to keep an eye on :) Quest Bar will be giving away 2,000 bars today as well. Then Don't forget about about Hearos ear plugs at 10am CST time and the bag tag giveaway at 11amCST. I will post links below with a recap for you all. Good luck today and enjoy :)

Learning Express Toys (enter to win, win it WED.)-- http://www.facebook.com/learningexpressinc?sk=app_184836858227922

Remington (enter for win it WED.)-- http://www.facebook.com/RemingtonReady?sk=app_340355629314196

Downy (free samples sometime today)-- http://www.facebook.com/downy?sk=wall

Garnier USA (hinted at a special starting this week, keep an eye out)-- http://www.facebook.com/garnierusa?sk=wall

Quest Bar (will be giving away 2,000 of their bars 3:00 pm CST)-- http://www.facebook.com/questbar?sk=wall

Hearos ear plugs @ 10 am CST-- http://www.hearos.com/index/trial

and I will post for the bag tag giveaway in just a few :) Good Luck all