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Saturday, January 14, 2012

FREE Cookbook kit

This is an AMAZING FREE offer. Click the link below to get your very own cookbook kit. I have already gotten mine and I was shocked at what was all in it. Besides information on making your own cookbook there are some neat things waiting for you (I wont spoil the surprise) So hurry on up and head over and get this one before it is gone :) and enjoy


Things to remember

Hello all just wanted to let you in on a few things :)  don't get discouraged if you don't see your samples in your mail right away some can take up to 8 weeks to arrive. Also be sure to check your e-mail frequently some offers you have to click a conformation link they send to you in an e-mail. Also make sure you check your SPAM or JUNK folders in your e-mail accounts sometimes they will be in there. A really good idea to do is keep a notebook and pen or pencil by your computer so you can write down all the things you get (free samples, giveaways you win, contests you win, coupons comming in the mail ect.) write down the date, what you will be getting and even the site if you want. This will help you keep track of all your stuff :)  Another thing whenever you win a contest or a giveaway on FB it's a good idea to take a screen shot this way you have proof of what you won, the date and the time. The way I do it is click print screen on my keyboard, I then open up paint from my computer, paste in paint which should put your whole screen as a picture in paint, then at the top of paint click save as then i switch mine to a jpeg file in the drop down and name it the product I won and I save it to my desktop then later move it to a folder in my pictures in a folder called stuff I have won. A lot to take in but VERY helpful. Also if you do not have google chrome or auto fill I suggest getting it. It make things so much easier when you have auto fill and don't have to keep typing in the same information over and over on different site (like you name, address, e-mail address, phone number and city) you may still have to put in your birthday and city and some sites WILL disable auto fill so you have to type everything in :(  I know once you are used to auto fill that kind of bites! DON"T GET DISCOURAGED if you enter a contest everyday or play an instant win game every day and haven't won yet. Keep at it you never know when it will pay off. For example I played an instant win game every single day for 20+ days straight and won nothing BUT on that 21st day it finally paid off I won :) and what did I win? Well a coffee machine valued at $90-$110. So keep at it enter everything and anything you can cause you never know :) So enjoy and have a blast :)

pic of that machine I won

So keep at it:)

Few more FREE samples ok more then a few more lol :)

FREE sample of Huggies, Sams Club number NOT needed for this one :)  click link below pic sizes 4 and 5


FREE sample of Teena pads :) click link below pic


FREE Cook booklet click link below pic you can chose to download it or have it mailed to you :)


FREE truck shaped stress ball (yes I said truck shaped lol) click link below pic :)


FREE Dayco gauge :) click link below pic


FREE Fanah face wash :) click link below pic


FREE sample of Cranimals for your animals :) click link below pic


FREE Cook booklet :) click link below pic again with this one you can download or have it mailed


FREE Cook booklet :) download or mail click link below pic


FREE sample Poise pads and liners :) click link below pic go through answer a couple questions select the one they chose then after you get that one go through and answer questions the oppisite way so you get the other sample also :)

The Poise® Hourglass Sample Kit


Ok that should keep you busy for a bit lol there is 3 seperate free sample posts that are all loaded with the links for you :)  enjoy them all and remember you may not start seeing your samples for 4-6 weeks and sometimes it can take up to 8 weeks. I started doing this about a month and a half ago and my stuff just started rolling in about a week or 2 ago. Hope all this stuff helps you or someone you know out :)

More FREE samples

FREE sample of BIO-35 :)  click below pic


FREE sample of Shout color catcher :)  click link below pic



FREE sample of Eucerin lotion :) you need to watch a short video then you can get your sample it is on their FB page direct link below pic

Eucerin US


FREE sample of Lactaid :) click link below pic


FREE sample of Pristine Skin Care  :) click link below pic


FREE Heart Healthy kit :) click link below pic

WomenHeart Logo


FREE $10.00 in Bounce coupons :) click link below pic


FREE sample of Boss bottled and Boss night :) click link below pic (click free sample at bottom of page) if you have problems seeing the bottom of the form to submit AFTER YOU PUT IN YOUR BIRTHDAY USE YOUR TAB BUTTON UNTIL YOU REACH THE SUBMIT BUTTON then fill out any missing information :)


FREE sample of Boss Orange (women, sunset and man) click link below pic you can go through a few times to get each one that IS STILL AVAILABLE :)


FREE samples of Hugo Boss ( Element, Just different, Just different and Deep Red) again go through a few times to get any that are still available :)  click link below pic



FREE Jiffy Recipe Booklet click link below pic :)


Hope you enjoy :) go get em :)


Hello :) here are some links for FREE samples enjoy :)

Dove hair product sample (you will have to register to get this one) click link below pic


FREE sample of Yves fragrence just click on free sample tab :) click link under pic


FREE sample of Fiber Choice :)


FREE sample of Nescafe tasters choice :) click link below pic

Nescafé USA


FREE sample of Splenda :) click link below pic



FREE sample of Prilosec :)  click link below pic


FREE samples of Giorgio Armani Code and Sport (will have to do one first then go back and do the other one) click link below pic :)


FREE sample of Emergen-C or Emergen-C kids (not sure if you can get both but you can try I will post bot links) click links below pic :)

Emergen-C Vitamin Supplement Immune System

Emergen_C kids      http://www.emergenc.com/kidz-samples?e=

Emergen-C  http://www.emergenc.com/free-samples

FREE sample of Schiff MegaRed click link under pic :)

Schiff MegaRed


FREE samples of Carefree panty  liners :)


FREE O.B trial pack in cute case :) click link below pic


FREE sample of Gas-X thin strips :) click link below pic



FREE plastic ring sizer from James Allen :)  click link below pic

Plastic Ring Sizer


Enjoy everyone and go get them :)

New Instant win game

Here's a link to a new instant win game for you guys. It is play til you win!!! Which I THINK will just be a bag of hot tamales or a coupon but you never know :)  and if you like them then go for it Enjoy :)


Downy FREE SAMPLES soon to come!!!

Downy posted this on their FB page:

We heard you, and we’re going to ring in 2012 by giving away 2,012 samples each day for a week starting Tuesday, 1/17. Stay tuned for all the details, including the giveaway time on Tuesday

So be ready on Tuesday so you can get your FREE samples :)  Here is a link to their FB page:



FREE samples AND coupons if you don't have a P&G account or if you do and haven't ordered your samples and coupons for this month get on over there and get them :) Remember you only get to request samples ONCE every QUARTER enjoy :)



FREE sample of Tropical Breese fragrence hurry on over :)


Enter to win

Garnier USA just posted the following:

Rate & Review any product on GarnierUSA.com for a chance to win a sweet gift bag filled with over $50 worth of Garnier products. Once you review the product, select the drop down to agree to enter the sweeps, and you're good to go. Good luck!

So click this link below register review any product then at the bottom of your review BEFORE you click post there is a drop down bar that asks if you want to be entered to win it says no click it and select yes. Good luck all :)


nomore rack

you can get great deals here every day HURRY and check it out and sign up :)



FREE diabetes cookbook click on over to get this great free offer if you or someone you love has diabetes :)


FREE EIB kit if you have asthma or know someone who does check this offer out for a free kit :)


Get your free EIB Active Kit with Inhaler Pouch and EIB and Asthma information

Enter to win

Enter to win a new Whirlpool washer and dryer set. Hurry on over to enter only a couple days left. Good luck :)



FREE sample of meow mix from wal mart click this link to get yours :)  hurry on over



FREE sample of dog food for select states: 
We currently only distribute to these states close to our local distributors:
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and the DC area.

If you live in one of those states click on over :)


FREE sample from carfree ladies! Go get a sample of their panty liners :)



Go now to get your FREE personalized card :) they do 10,000 a day hurry and go get yours now



Eucerin posted they will do their LAST giveaway sometime between 8:45-9:15 CENTRAL time so be ready they are FREE full size bottles of lotion go get one and good luck :)