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Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Contest!!

I have a great contest for you all to enter!! Click the link below to enter. Make sure you like BOTH CrayZ-Bee's page and Chandra Tresaugue-Mary Kay Senior Consultant!! I will post links below for you. I just won this exact giveaway earlier today!!! So hurry on over for your chance! Good luck all.

Click here for Chandra's Mary Kay page  ( Like this page to help you enter! Also she is the one giving this great gift certificate to be given away, so maybe leave her a thank you comment?!)

Click here for CrayZ Bee's page  ( Like this page, this is the page the giveaway will be held on and maybe leave a thank you comment for holding this giveaway?!)

Click here for giveaway tab on CrayZ Bee's page to enter ( This is the giveaway tab where you will be doing your entering!)

Hurry and sign up for this site!!!

I have 2 Super-point invites that I can share with all of you! This is NO joke, no strings attached. You sign up, complete your profile and you will have 30 spins a day to earn points!! Plus any points I earn on my spins you will get also!! But you have to be invited to even join so join fast by click one of my invite links before they are gone. And don't forget to CONFIRM your account (they will send a link to your e-mail click that link and you are confirmed) and don't forget to COMPLETE your whole profile so you can have 30 spins and be awarded the points I get on my spins also!! So click 1 of the links and join up now, don't miss out another day. Your points can be cashed out for gift cards, and even money put into your pay pal accounts. They have tons of stuff on the rewards list to choose from. These links will only be valid for another 48hrs so click now!!! Enjoy  :)

If the invite #1 doesn't work then that means someone already claimed it, try invite #2 and if that one has already been claimed also let me know leave a comment and I will see when of if I will have another invite.

Click here for Superpoints invite #1

Click here for Superpoints invite #2



FREE Milk Matters coloring book!! Just click link below to get yours now! Enjoy  :)

Click here to get the milk matters coloring book!

Milk Matters with Buddy Brush Coloring Book


FREE 6ct 12oz mason jars and lip balm on a rope!! Hurry now no shipping, no credit card just click link below, create your account then click on fan favorites in the store add them to your cart and check out!!! Enjoy  :)

Click here for Firefly site for free jars & lip balm

Mason Jars 12 oz. glass (Set of 6)     Firefly Lip Balm w/ Rope

Pantene Giveaway/Vote

Pantene's LAST giveaway/vote will be live in about 10mins!! Hurry on over and get ready. Good luck everyone  :)

Click here for Pantene giveaway/vote FINAL DAY

Zoya Canceled

Well folks Zoya's freebie Friday has been CANCELED! Apparently there were people cheating to get their comment into the winning number (Zoya would say comments 5,10,15,20, and 25 win) How sad that grown adults would cheat to win nail polish and ruin it for the rest of us :(   What a shame. So Zoya freebie Friday now over. Sorry guys.

Physicians formula

Physicians Formula is live now!! Click link below and answer question on promotions tab. Remember you may have to TEMPORARILY disable secure browsing long enough to enter, as soon as you are done entering you can enable it again. Good luck all  :)

Click here for Physicians Formula wall

Click here for Physicians Formula promotions tab to enter
if you can not see this one you will have to disable secure browsing for a brief moment to enter. I do this weekly and never have a problem.

Physicians Formula

Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain toys is ready go on over and enter to win the toy pictured below!! Just click link below. Good luck all  :)

Click here for Fat Brain Toys!

Olay rumored time

There is a rumored time going around on when Olay will go live. It seems like a lot of people are saying it will happen at noon (12pm) central time. As stated this is a rumor, I can not confirm the time. My suggestion just keep a VERY close eye on Olay. Good luck all  :)

Click here for Olay's freebie Friday tab

Click here for Olay's wall (home page)

Misikko Beauty

Misikko Beauty posted!! Click link below then find their post about freebie Friday. Like the post for 1 entry, share it for 2 entries and tweet it for 3 entries!! Good luck all  :)

Click here for Misikko Beauty!

Misikko Beauty

Kraft and Nursery bag tag

Both Kraft and Nursery bag tag will be live in about 5mins so get over to their pages now and good luck  :)

Click here for Kraft

Click here for bag tag

Violent Lips

Violent Lips posted! Click link below look for their freebie Friday post then like that post and make sure you like them as well! Good luck  :)

Click here for Violent Lips

Violent Lips

Yet another freebie Friday for you!!

Yes that's right we are on fire today!! Here is another freebie Friday link for you all. Just click link below and enter to win. Good luck :)

Click here for Pangea Organics

Another New Freebie Friday

I have another freebie Friday for you or should I say fancy Friday for this one??!! Click link below and look foe her post about fancy Friday, answer her question as a comment on that post. Good luck all :)

Click here for fancy Friday!


StriVectin is ready now! Go on over and enter their freebie Friday for your chance to win! Good luck all  :)

Click here for StriVectin!

Stride Rite

Stride Rite has posted, head on over there and enter for your chance to be this Fridays winner!! Good luck all  :)

Click here for Stride Rite

Ms. MAC Makeup

Ms. MAC Make up is LIVE go now and like and share the post MAKE SURE you like their page as well!! Good luck  :)

Click here for Ms. MAC Makeup!

Ms. MAC Makeup

Zoya is live

Zoya is live go go go

Click here for Zoya

Factory direct

Factory Direct is ready! Click link below to enter their freebie Friday!! Good luck  :)

Click here for Factory Direct

Another new freebie Friday

Here is another new freebie Friday for you all. Palmer's will be giving away a tote bag full of Palmer's products! To enter for your chance look for their freebie Friday post, then answer the question they asked, post your answer as a comment under that same tab!! Good luck all  :)

Click here for Palmer's freebie Friday!


Possible freebie Friday

Here is another page for you all Comforts for baby posted they would reveal details today! Does that mean a freebie? Never know so keep a look out for this one! Just click link below.

Click here for Comforts for baby

Comforts for Baby

New Freebie Friday offer!!

I will be adding this to the list but for now here is a new freebie Friday over on Cooking Club!! So click link below to enter their freebie Friday giveaway, you could be the winner!! Good luck  :)

Click here to enter for Cooking Club freebie Friday!


FREE sample of Teena Twist. Click link below to request for your sample now.  :)

Click here for Teena

Good morning all

Good morning and happy freebie Friday lol! Now you have a list that I will keep updated for you. Besides the freebie Friday giveaways we have today don't forget about the other ones. Here is a list of those for you.

Purex- final day of their coupon giveaway, live at 10am central time
Click here for Purex coupon giveaway

Hearos- if you haven't received your ear plugs yet this will be live at 10am central time also
Click here for Hearos giveaway

Kraft-coupon for free box of mac n cheese, live at 11am
Click here for Kraft giveaway

Nursery water- they will be giving away 100 bag tags again today, live at 11am central time also
Click here for bag tag giveaway

Pantene- final day to get your coupon for a free bottle of shampoo or conditioner, live at 2pm central time
Click here for Pantene vote/giveaway

There you go everyone, good luck and I will try to keep you as updated as I can!  :)