First off welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I am VERY new to this and am just getting this started. I am working to get this off the ground and running, so please be patient with me :) I very much appreciate your understanding and patience as I work to figure everything out to bring you great information.

Friday, January 20, 2012

FREE Razor

FREE Schick Hydro Razor to the first 50,000 Hurry on over for yours!! The sample tab is running VERY slow and errors A LOT but keep at it until you get your razor. Just keep clicking F5 until you get the form! Good  Luck :)


Schick Hydro Silk


FREE sample from Bath and Body works. You will need to download then print the coupon, then take it into their store on 1/20, 1/21, or 1/22 and you will get a FREE TRAVEL SIZE lotion. So if you have a printer or someone that can print it for you hop on over to get this one :)


New enter to win

Click link below so you can enter to win a 22 piece wine set and a 6 month wine club membership. Good luck :)



Downy has a time!!!!

FREE sample!!! Downy will be handing out their 2,012 sample some time today between 2:30-3:30 CST So be ready to get yours!! Please remember that it MAY NOT start at 2:30(cst), it may not go live until 3:30(cst), or it could go live anytime with in that hour window. So I would just have their page open and be on it by 2:25CST and wait it out. It is worth the wait for a product like Downy and when you get it in the mail you will be so happy you waited!! Good luck :)


Enter to win

If you like to cook and you like cookbooks hop on over to this page and enter to win hurry on over contest ends in a few days!!! Good luck :)



Secret Live now go go go



FREE sample if you have not got one before. Click link below to you free sample of Barista Prima coffee  :)  Enjoy



Got you another one!!! Go on over to Arizona Spa girls page and like it, because a gift basket will be given away but only to those who like their page!! Just click the link below that I will post then look for the post on their wall with the details and the link to entre your info. Good luck :)



Well I finally came across a new page that is doing a freebie Friday today!!!! You will need to look for their post on their wall where they are talking about their freebie they are offering, follow the steps to enter and God luck all :)


Misikko Beauty

Enter to win

Dole is giving away daily prizes! Click the link below to register to win. Good luck :)




StriVectin is ready for us freebie Friday people!!! Head on over and enter! Click on link and it will take you right to where you need to be. Don't forget to answer the question :)  Good luck :)



Physicians formula

Physicians Formula is ready now also!!! So hop on over and click the link below it will take you right to where you need to be. Don't forget to answer the question!! Good luck I know I have my fingers crossed on this one :)


Stride RIte

Stride Rite is ready to go now also! So go on over and enter to win! Good luck :)


Violent Lips

Violent Lips is now ready! You can enter to win just remember to look for their Friday post about freebie Friday, make sure you like their PAGE and the freebie Friday POST. You can also comment and share if you like :)  Good luck :)


Violent Lips

Fat Brain Toys update

You can all head on over and enter to win the Friday giveaway on Fat Brain toys. If you need more info on how to enter just check my post from last night. Good luck all :)


Fat Brain Toys

Freebie Friday Update

Here is an update on a few of the pages I told you about last night:

Olay posted that they probably wont do theirs today (if you want to check their page a few times you still can)

Pantene said they will not be doing freebie Friday but they will have other offers not meaning today but kind of an any day type answer

Factory Direct I posted to you that you could do that one now!!!

Rayovac you can be entering this one all week so if you have not entered yet hurry on over :) and while you are there make sure to enter the gridiron giveaway on there page as well! Good luck


I will keep checking and let you know make sure to keep an eye on secret this may or may not be their freebie Friday today!!!!


Remember how you got to enter that awesome Woolite giveaway yesterday? Well you get to enter that one DAILY!!! They will choose 1 winner a day and announce the winners AFTER contest is over. So for 10 days make sure you enter everyday!! and Good luck :)
(the apparel item you choose must be $250 and under including tax and shipping!)



Don't forget

Hey all don't forget Downy can go live ANYTIME, and I probably wont have enough time to warn you. By the time I would post they would be all gone so keep a good eye out! I even missed yesterdays :(  lol Good luck everyone :)


Also look back at post from yesterday morning about Lemi Shine. They only give out 25 a day and no time announced. Past few days have been early morning! Good luck :)


Factory direct

Good morning all! Factory direct is ready for their freebie Friday!! Click link below and answer question then click on over to freebie Friday tab and enter all your info. Good luck all :)
(more detailed instructions in my post from last night)


Freebie Friday

Ok as promised here is a list with links and info on how to get your freebies. Some of theses can be contests/sweepstakes, some may be giveaways ( the first come fist serve kind where there is a limited amount they give out) and some may not happen tomorrow ( there are some pages that do giveaways 1 Friday a month, they don't tell you what Friday it will be so you kind of have to stay on your toes and stalk their page lol). So good luck tomorrow ( or today depending on when you read this lol) have fun, and enjoy :)

The first 2 I am listing are giveaways, first come, first serve. These are usually FREE FULL SIZED PRODUCTS!! These 2 are also the ones that only do theirs once a month. They have not done it yet this month, so could be this Friday or on the 27th. These are also LIMITED amounts they giveaway. So watch carefully!! Also these are the ones that you will usually know immediately if you won, one of their products. After you submit your info a screen will say something like congratulations you r item will be shipped in the next 4-6 weeks ( it may not say exactly that, but something like that)

Olay (when it is time you will click on the Olay Freebie Friday tab on the left under their pic)

Secret (When it is time you will click on the Freebie Friday tab on the left under their pic)

*note this also used to be a freebie Friday page that did theirs once a month, with a giveaway of limited amounts. They have said they are not going to do freebie Friday for awhile but do other things, then return to doing freebie Friday. I still like to keep an eye on it just in case so I thought i would give you this link also. Please remember the above note for this one :)

Pantene (When they did theirs in 2011 you would click on a tab under their pic on the left also)

Ok this next one is they will have a post on their wall that says something about it being Freebie Friday and they will tell you what they are giving away and to how many people. They will also tell you what you have to do to be entered to win. Usually it is just like their page, then like their post about the freebie Friday giveaway. I usually comment with a "done and thank you" and I also share their post. This one is like a contest. You will enter to win. You will also have time to do this one so you don't have to be on top of their page. I will post on my blog when I notice they have put their post up.

Violent Lips (read their Freebie Friday post, which will tell you how to enter, they will also post the winner(s) under the same post sometime Monday, so be sure to check back!)

The next 2 are also enter to win type freebie Friday. They will usually post on their wall something about freebie Friday and to click on the freebie tab to be entered to win. Also with these you don't have to sit on their page ALL day and wait for the post. I will also post these to my blog when I see they have posted, so you will have plenty of time to enter to win.

Physicians Formula (if you can not see anything after you click their promotions tab you will have to disable your secure browsing. Simply click on the triangle on your page up in the blue area by home, then click account settings, then you click security, once that is open click on secure browsing and disable it. Go back to their page re fresh it and click their promotions tab again. You shouldn't have any problems entering then)

Fat Brain Toys (when it is time just click this link below and enter, they will post saying you can enter to win, or you can wait for my post letting you know it is ready to go.)

Now these next 2 will both have a question you will have to answer, plus you will have to enter in all your info on a certain tab. Again with this one there isn't a big rush so you don't have to keep a hawk on on these either. I will also post both of these on my blog when it is time.

Factory Direct (they will post in their wall about freebie Friday. They will also ask you a question in this post. You will have to answer the question they ask by clicking comment (to that post) put you answer as the comment. THEN you will also need to click on the freebie Friday tab and fill out the form. Once that is all done you are entered to win)

StriVectin (They will also post when it is time for freebie Friday. They will also ask you a question that you will need to answer as part of your entry into the giveaway. But for this one you will answer the question and fill out your info on the freebie Friday tab. So it is all done in the same spot.)

Ok everyone last one (for now lol) This one is an easy one! They will post it is time for freebie friday giveaway and all you have to do is click the shoe giveaway tab and enter there. Again no rush with this one and I will post this to my blog as well when I see it has gone live.

Stride Rite (wait for post then click to enter)

There you have it folks that's the ones I know of for the freebie Friday giveaways. I am always trying to find more for us and if I do I will surely let you all know. Have fun tomorrow and good luck :)


FREE kit from tobacco free ( for kids). Kit is FREE and shipping is FREE also! So head on over and grab yours before they are gone! Enjoy :)


Be Tobacco Free Kit