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Sunday, January 15, 2012


FREE sample hurry on over before they are gone :)


Got a pretty good deal today

Well I took some of my coupons with me to K-mart today and did pretty decent. Only had a few coupons but I was able to get some good stuff :)   1 bottle pantene shampoo, 1 bottle pantene conditioner, and 3 renuzit fresheners----original price $15.00 ----I paid $5.00 :)  So yes coupons and deals sure do help.

Be ready next week

Well be ready next week a few pages have posted they will be doing giveaways :) Garnier is hinting at giving away their BB cream saying better be ready for a new product promotion :) Also have Downy saying they will begin a daily giveaway starting Tuesday :)  Suave Beauty Just posted about 20min ago saying to check in Tuesday for an exclusive giveaway :)  And ealier today Oscar Mayer said they will have $200 grocery card giveaway and Kiss nails are ready for some freebies. So keep your eyes open could be a good giveaway week :) Good luck to everyone and enjoy.


Garnier- http://www.facebook.com/garnierusa?sk=wall

Downy- http://www.facebook.com/downy?sk=wall

Suave Beauty- http://www.facebook.com/SuaveBeauty?sk=wall

Kiss Nails- http://www.facebook.com/KissNails?sk=wall

Oscar Mayer- http://www.facebook.com/OscarMayer?sk=wall


Enter to win

Hurry on over to Glamour and enter to win a golden globe gift bag. Contest ends 1-20-2012 good luck :)  Click link below pic



FREE sticky notes :) if you would like to have them hurry on over and get them :) enjoy click link below pic


Join nomorerack

Hey folks here is a link for a site to check out just click link below, register then make sure you confirm your registration in an e-mail they will send out to you. You can get big discounts and even things for free :) so check it out :)



FREE sample TOMORROW for ear plugs :) they will go live at 10am CENTRAL TIME :) they go fast so jump on them in the morning enjoy :) click link below pic


Downy next week

Downy just posted that 2012 sounds like a good year and a great number of samples to giveaway. Be sure to visit us on Tuesday @ 5:00 pm EST (4:00 pm CENTRAL TIME) for your first chance to sign up for a Downy Unstopables Sample. Remember we are giving away 2012 samples of Downy Unstopables a day, everyday for 7 days, so that you can have a fresh start to the New Year!

So don't forget FREE samples on Downy FB page Tuesday 5 est time 4 central time :)


If you didn't get your FREE personalized card yet hurry on over and get it now. Today is the last day they are doing it so go get one :)


Don't forget

If you get bored or run out of freebies to get don't forget to go back to my previous posts and enter all the contest I posted and IWG (instant win games) cause like I said before you never know ;)  Some of them you can only enter once, some once a week but some are daily :) so click away and enter/play all you can! Good luck everyone and have fun. Also if you happen upon a sample, giveaway, contest, sweepstakes, or IWG that I do not have posted please leave the link in a comment to me and I will be sure to get it up there. In the near future I will be working on updating the list of contests and that so I can remove any that may be over, add new ones I find and hopefully let you know if they are one time entry, weekly entry, monthly entry, or daily entry :) So again enjoy and best of luck to us all.