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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Invite only!

Here you all go here is the link for today!! Hurry and sign up now so you can earn points to trade in for great stuff like gift cards and even I pods plus TONS more!! Click link below, sign up make sure you verify the e-mail they will send ya and fill out your complete profile so you can get more spins each day on your luck button!! I have built up more then 900pts in just 2 months just by clicking my lucky button!! It's by invite only so click link and start enjoying!

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Nothing to post!!

Well all there isn't anything to post about right now and really the only thing that was going on today was the Nivea giveaway which is over now so have a great Sunday all and I will post again Monday!! If something pops up I will let you all know. I updated the IWG list yesterday and added a few new ones I came across so try your luck on them and don't forget those you can do everyday so keep at it and good luck :)


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TGI Friday

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Nivea will be giving out their products again some time between 1pm and 2pm CENTRAL time!!! That's in about 1/2 hour so be ready everyone!! Good luck they will go fast, today you can score either the body wash or the lotion!!

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