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Monday, January 23, 2012


Well that was a little crazy and a lot of fun! So now we know, Pantene is beinging back an old favorite!! And by the looks of it the votes for Ice Shine were stacking up quickly! Now we all cross our fingers and wait for an e-mail from Pantene to see if we were one of the 2,000 winners! You can click back to the link so you can read all the fine print now lol. From what I understand is the people who voted for the winning one are the ones who are eligible to receive the 2,000 coupons. This is what is on their site ----- You'll get a coupon for a free bottle if your product wins and you were one of the first 2,000 voters. So who did you vote for?? Post in a comment below this link and good luck to all, hopefully we will all see e-mails soon :)

Winning product for 1-23-2012---Ice Shine :)

*Note -- Voting happens for 5 days, tomorrow the polls (lol) will open at 1:00pm central time (if you are unsure of when your time is just check link below, there is a countdown timer at the top right)

This will be the link for the voting for the next few days, it is the same link you can click on to check the countdown timer for when the polls open tomorrow!!


Enter to win

Enter to win this amazing contest on Dreft's Facebook page!!! You could win a year supply of dreft detergent AND pampers!!! So go now hurry and register  :)  Good luck to all and just click the link below (don't forget to like their page)




Pantene will be doing their vote and possible win a free bottle in 10 mins!!! SO go now everyone and let's see what they have in store for us!!! Good luck and fingers crossed for some great products to be mailed our way!!  :)

Pantene's wall link       https://www.facebook.com/PanteneNA?sk=wall

Back by popular demand link (could be tab for vote/giveaway?? not sure so watch their wall also!!!)                                  https://www.facebook.com/PanteneNA?sk=app_226252517453912

Don't forget

Don't forget Purex will be going live with their giveaway in about 20mins so get ready!! They will be giving out 10,000 coupons, and I still never got an answer to my question if they were only able to be printed or mailed also, so I guess even if you don't have a printer go for it because you never know! Good luck all :)

coupon link on their wall--   https://www.facebook.com/purex?sk=app_147894878659232

Not sure if that's where the giveaway will be so keep their wall open in a seperate tab just in case :)

Purex link to their wall--  https://www.facebook.com/purex?sk=wall


FREE Valentine's Day card. Just click link below to get yours today offer expires 1/25 so hurry on over!! Enter the following code at check out: TPGFREE17A   Enjoy  :)


Who's Your Valentine? --- Personalize a Card fo Their Eyes Only (Wink, Wink)

New contest

Contest over on FB with super fans and Black Forest Gummies. You could win all kins of prizes! Including a chance to win $500!! Just click link below to get started. Good luck  :)


FREE sample of Bio-35. Just click link below then fill out form to request your free offer! Enjoy  :)




FREE sample of  Therapeutic Sulfur mask. Click link below and after a few seconds a form should pop up for you to fill out, if it doesn't try clicking on the picture by the words claim your free sulfur mask now. Enjoy  :)


Kraft coupon giveaway

Also don't forget about this one, it is supposed to go live at 11am central (in about 55mins) So keep a close eye on Kraft these giveaways go fast  :)

https://www.facebook.com/kraftmacaroniandcheese?sk=wall   (Kraft wall)

https://www.facebook.com/kraftmacaroniandcheese?sk=app_233870236628769  (for giveaway)

Downy will be LIVE soon

Downy will be doing their LAST sample giveaway very soon. Their hour window of time that they posted is 10:30-11:30am central time (about 25mins) So if you have not been able to get a hold of this sample yet hurry on over for the last giveaway!! Good luck  :)

Remember link will say all out until it begins, when it is time Downy will post and the form will replace the all out text.

https://www.facebook.com/downy?sk=wall  (Downy wall)

http://www5.thepromotionaloffer.com/downyfreshstart/    (Downy giveaway tab will have form when live)

Comment to win!

Click link below to pop on over to H2O plus. Look for their comment about water and it will also tell you what to comment about and what you have a chance at winning. Hurry on over winners will be picked tomorrow!! Good luck  :)


H2O Plus


FREE sample of Hearos ear plugs. Hurry on over to link below this could be your last chance to get them. It will go live at 10am central. So hurry on over this giveaway starts in 12 minutes!! Good luck :)


Will continue to have the come back window on there until 10am central (12 mins) re-fresh your page then, and fill out your info to get yours!!  :)


FREE samples of herbal remedies. There are 4 shown, you can choose to sample just one or you cam cjoose to sample all. Just click link below to pick yours today. :)



FREE sample of Barlean's. Click link below to get yours today! Enjoy  :)


Enter to win

Hurry on over to Entenmann's and enter to win a $5.00 coupon. They are giving them to 5 people so enter now for your chance!! Ends a midnight tonight so enter today!! Good luck :)




Pantene recently posted this :

Want to win a free bottle of your favorite refreshed collection? Be ready to vote at 5PM EST. But which 3 favorites will you be voting for the chance to win??? Mystery revealed at 5PM EST!

So be ready and head on over to Pantene to vote at 4:00pm (CENTRAL) and maybe you will snag a free bottle!! Good luck


Kraft coupon giveaway

On the Kraft coupon giveaway that is rumored to be a coupon for a FREE box of macaroni and cheese, I went and read the rules and the time posted in there is for 11:00 am central time. So be on the look out over at Kraft to get your coupon today! Good luck  :)


Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

AXE FREE samples

Axe will be giving away 50,000 samples a week through 1/31. Watch their page there is no telling when this will go live. If I get any more info I will let you know!  :)



Good morning! Here is a reminder for you about a few things starting today. Downy will be giving away samples again. Today is their LAST day so if you have not gotten one yet be sure to get one today. They will be doing their anytime between 10:30 and 11:30am.(central time) Remember it will go live sometime in that hour window, so be ready!! Also Purex is kicking off their coupon giveaway starting today at 2pm, so be there on the dot they have 10,000 to give out but they will go fast! I still have not received an answer from Purex. I posted to their wall twice asking if we were able to get them by mail also of if printing was the only option. So still not sure if they can or can not be mailed. So go on over there at 2pm(central time) and get your coupon! And Kraft Macaroni might be kicking off a giveaway today also with coupons for a free box of their mac n cheese!! Stay tuned to their page. So good luck today and grab all your goodies! Enjoy  :)

Downy (LAST giveaway between 10:30-11:30am)

link the form will be on AFTER they go live on Downy

Purex (10,000 coupons at 2pm central)

Link for Purex about giveaway and coupon will probably go live on this tab

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Link it will probably be live on


FREE sample of arm and hammer tooth paste just click link below to get yours today!!  :)   If the link does not work when you click on it then copy and paste the second link in your browser. Enjoy   :)