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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hills Science Diet Review

Well as some of you may know I belong to a wonderful site and am a Bzz Agent. I recieved a invite to a campaign to help review Hill's Science Diet cat or dog food. I was able to obtain a free 3.5 lb bag to aid in my honest opinion/review. So please continue to read below to check out the experience that my cat Gabby and I had with this product.

Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Adult cat food

Chicken and Brown Rice Dinner

3.5 lb bag (free from being a Bzz Agent)

Price Through ordering from Pet food direct
$13.29 (I did not have to pay this but this would have been the price if I did pay)

I received the free bag of cat food on 3-13-12 and was very excited for Gabby to try out something truly healthy for her! It states on the bag it is Veterinarian recommended and that it also has fresh chicken as it's first ingredient as well as fruits and vegetables including cranberries and whole grains no corn or artificial colors. It comes in a resealable bag which is great for storage! The food itself is tiny bite size pieces and the smell kind of reminds you of dog food lol! On the bag it says if you are feeding this food for the first time you should mix increasing amounts of the new food with decreasing amounts of the old food over a 7 day period. It also gives a chart on how much your cat should be given a day but also states that the amounts are a starting point only and your pet may need more or less food to maintain proper weight, adjust as needed and if you are unsure to ask your vet. Well we typically just fill Gabby's food bowl and she eats out of it through out the day and after a few days more is added. Her food bowl only holds about 3/4 cup to 1 cup of food. I did not want to change this and only give her 1/4 to 3/8 cup as stated on the bag because this is not what she is used to. So we fed her as normal with this new food. Now I must admit I was very skeptical that she would take to this new cat food since she is very attached to her Meow Mix, we have tried other brands in the past and she never would take to them, we would catch her chewing through her Meow Mix bag or climbing inside it and eating that one. The first day we had it in her bowl she kind of picked at it but didn't flat out refuse to eat it. As the days went on I noticed her eating more and more of this new Hills Science Diet cat food. I was shocked! So as a test I put her bag of Meow Mix and the bag of Hills Science Diet both on the floor in its normal spot to see if she would chew through her Meow Mix bag or knock it over to eat like she has done so many times in the past. Well just the other night on 3-18-12 I was in for a HUGE shock! Her food bowl was a little low (which she hates) I walk into the kitchen to find my cat Gabby with her head inside the Hills Science Diet bag eating away!!! I watched her for a few minutes as she would stick her head in there and eat a little bit, or put her paw in the bag and try to swat some food out of the bag! Needless to saw I was floored and laughing so hard I could of cried!! I ran to get my camera to take pictures because all I could think was THAT would be the perfect picture to add to this review to show you all how much she LOVES the Hills Science Diet cat food. Now I remind you her normal Meow Mix was sitting right by the Hills Science, so she had her choice of which one to knock over to eat and she all by herself picked Hills Science! So my cat Gabby and I give this one 2 thumbs and 2 paws up! A great buy for any cat or dog lover! A food your cat or dog will love and you will love for keeping your cat or dog healthy! So I would defiantly buy this cat food. Give it a try yourself if you would like, you can always buy a small bag to try out and ask your local pet stores because some will offer a trade if your animal ends up not liking this food but I am sure they will love it. Remember this is for more then just cats they also have dog food as well! Hope this review helps you all out!!


  1. I, too am a BzzAgent and got the free Science Diet invite for my dog Biscuit. He pretty much eats any kind of dog food, so I figured he would eat this as well, and he does. He does prefer the cheaper brands of dog food than the better "natural" kind. Just like us humans preferring the quick, easy, more tasty, not so healthy items of food I guess.

    1. LOVE your dogs name!! So happy you were also able to get in on this campaign! It was a great trial for my Gabby since she is so picky! And I agree us humans do like the quick, easy not so good for us stuff over the hour to prepare, cost twice as much better for you food!!