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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mail Call!

Time for Thursdays mail call! Did you find some freebie goodies waiting in your mailbox today? I had a few things here is my haul for the day :)

More magic beads red ones this time, 2 snack spheres from the Friskies giveaway, another Schick razor ( Not sure why I keep getting them lol) A BiPro sample, Obestrim sample, a iChill shot, 2 humidipaks, a Navigating health benefits for dummies book, 3 pkgs delivered from Toys R Us with things I bought from their clearance and free items! And I used my $50 Amazon gift card I won today to buy some books!! Bought 10 books and after using the gift card I only owed $17. 32  :) Plus just got an e-mail with my code for wininng on Old Navy!! $150 to use on Ticketmaster.com!!! Hubby will be happy, wrestling tickets go on sale soon  :)

So what goodies did you get today?!

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