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Friday, March 9, 2012

Mail Call!

Time for Friday mail call!! What goodies did you find in your mailbox today?? Here is mine  :)

Valspar paint kit which has 2 mini paint pans, a mini paint roller with extra roller, $5.00 off coupon, 3 other color cards that match with my paint choice, 233ml or 7.9 fl oz jar of the paint I picked and some other info, a package from P and G Beauty because I never received my Olay body wash I won, the package included a handwritten apology and some goodies they had wrapped up in cute paper with ribbons and all which were a pantene shampoo and conditioner sample, a Herbal Essence shampoo sample, a bar of Ivory soap, and A Olay body wash sample!! A baseball magazine for hubby, 8 coupons for FREE pkg of m and m's or snickers and a necklace from Paradise Collection giveaway they had!! So good mail day :)

What goodies did you all get??!!

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