First off welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I am VERY new to this and am just getting this started. I am working to get this off the ground and running, so please be patient with me :) I very much appreciate your understanding and patience as I work to figure everything out to bring you great information.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mail Call!

Mail Call from Friday!! 3-16-12

Did you get anything you want to tell about? I sure hope you all have some great stuff coming in!! Here was my Friday mail  :)

Bacardi t-shirt I won,Jock Soap t-shirt from giveaway, coupon for $1.50 off Philadelphia cream cheese, 2 Better Homes and Gardens magazines, Mucinex sample with $1.00 off coupon, sample from Oz (not Dr. Oz), another Stri-Vectin eye serum I won from freebie Friday, Tide pod sample, 3pk of hipsters I won from wedgie Wednesday giveaway on Hanes, Always pads/panty liners and tampons which I bought from the P and G flash sale was able to get all 3 for only $9.99 total free shipping and came with $15.00 in coupons!! 10 books I got on Amazon with my $50.00 amazon card I won!! and the $100 Starbucks gift card I won!

Big mail day on Friday!! What did you all get??!!


  1. Awesome! You inspire me to enter more sweepstakes!

    1. Thanks!! I always say enter as many as you can as often as you can because you never know when you will win!! I have lost a lot more then I have won, but I have had some good wins as well so I keep at it!! Good luck I hope you win a ton of great things!! :)