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Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Wal-mart shopping trip!

Well I had a great trip to wal-mart and scored some great deals!! Had a cashier that was none to happy with my coupons and a woman in line behind me who couldn't stop sighing lol. But it was all worth it because I was able to take my total from $201.13 all the way down to ...are you ready for this?? $79.13!!!! Yes a total savings of $122! GREAT shopping trip  :) Here are the pics of all the amazing products I scored on this trip I took a pic of the entire haul, but there was so much I also broke it down and took some pics of groups of items purchased so you can get a better look at everything that I scored!!  :)  Don't mind the date on the camera lol I changed the batteries in it and forgot to reset the date :)


  1. Awesome job! Handing out my coupons to the cashier is something I dread also. I try to profile pick the cashier before I get in line but sometimes I just have to get whosever there. Some of them make me feel like a thief or criminal or a "bottom-dweller" type person and I hate that. Then when other people get in line behind me, they sometimes comment rudely or make that "huffing" sound about having to wait so long in line. I do try to tell them it make take awhile because I have a lot of coupons before they put there things on the conveyor belt. But, hey, ultimately I'm the winner by saving my family lots of money.

    1. Perfectly said! And I totally understand with the looks and noises and when I went there was only 1 lane open cause it was close to 11pm and our Wal-mart closes at midnight.