First off welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I am VERY new to this and am just getting this started. I am working to get this off the ground and running, so please be patient with me :) I very much appreciate your understanding and patience as I work to figure everything out to bring you great information.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Running Slow today.

Good morning all, just a heads up I am running kind of slow this morning. I am still not feeling well, my daughter is still sick as well and I have only had about 8 hours of sleep total all week and was just now nodding off while typing this lol  :) I will try to keep up as best as I can today but if there isn't as many posts as usual you will know why. Thanks all for hanging in there and I apologize if I miss anything for you. Other then that have a wonderful Thursday everyone and remember tomorrow is FREEBIE FRIDAY!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope you get to feeling better. My husband and two boys have just gotten over that crud. I hope it missed me.

    1. Thank you so much :) Luckily today is a slow day!