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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BzzAgent Invite for Hills Science Diet!

I am signed up as a BzzAgent and I just got a invite to join the Hills Science Diet campaign! I am excited for my cat Gabby to try out their food and see how she likes it! I will be letting you all know how things are going once I receive the free bag of cat food :)  So far ordering it from their site has been a bit of a challenge. The code to make it free and all that worked fine, but when I was doing the final check out I got an error twice now, so I e-mailed them with the address provided. Hopefully it will be resolved soon without any further problems. I can tell you that for a small 3.5lb bag of Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Adult Feline Dry Food the cost from Pet Food Direct is $13.29. Another thing I should mention is on the Hill's Science Diet site you can see if your current pet food is nutritionally balanced compared to their brand! I tried it out on my current brand of Friskies and it fell short in 3 categories compared to Hill's Science! There is also a rebate form on there you can download to try out their food yourself!! So check it out!! And I will keep you updated :)

Click here for the Hill's Science Diet Site!!


  1. I got that BzzAgent invite also. After selecting the kind I wanted for my dog and filling out the info, I also got an error message. But I just started all over again and it went through. So good luck with your cat food.

    1. Congrats! Hope your dog likes it :) I finally got it to go through instead of checking out as a guest I signed up as a member. Thank you :)