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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another deal I did from Walgreen's!

So last night hubby and I went to Walgreen's again to see if they had any Hawaiian Punch yet and they didn't (but might tonight!!) So of course we looked around and here is what we picked up this time lol  :)

We picked up 8 more 2-liters, 4 bottles of hand soap, 18 chap sticks, box of Dayquil, Box of Prevacid, 6 pks of m and m's and 2 snickers. Total before savings was $62.92 after using 8 free candy coupons, 1 free box of Prevacid coupon plus in store sales and coupons as well as MFG coupons we broke that total down to only $23.37 a total savings of $39.55!!

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